Probity has engaged extensively with the Charity sector generally. Our opinion was sought, and submissions made to the Scott Review of the Charity Regulator announced late last year by Minister Paul Givan (Department for Communities).

The Scott Review has been hampered by the collapse of the Assembly in January 2017, but it is hoped it will be available in the very near future. When it is eventually published our own submission will appear here.


Trevor McKee


Has represented and worked on behalf of many Northern Irish Charities. ProbityaacNI is a free service for all. Trevor has worked in Advocacy for the past 4 years. He learned his advocacy skills with the Electricians Union as a Senior Divisional Shop Steward for the E.E.T.P.U in Granada Television.


Gregory Burke


Became interested in Advocacy 4 years ago and has progressed to representing clients in the Northern Ireland Courts, specifically in the Northern Ireland Charity Tribunal. ProbityaacNI has built up a relationship with the NICTS and the Charity Commission that has proved to be of immense benefit to Charities generally.


Other Advocates & McKenzie Friends 


ProbityaacNI has successfully gathered together a network of advisors that can contribute meaningfully to any Charity issue that may arise between them and the Charity Commission. They are experts in various fields, including but not limited to Charity accounts, and preparation of Tribunal trial bundles.














McKenzie Friend & Advocacy Services For Charities

in Northern Ireland 


Trevor McKee
Gregory Burke



Trevor McKee - Phone: 07982 672434

Email: mckeet@probityaacni.uk


Gregory Burke - Phone: 077452 71179

Email: burkeg@probityaacni.uk


General Email: info@probityaacni.uk


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